The rules of tomorrow, in black and white

We operate according to innovative and demanding supply chain management criteria. Together with the University of Parma and the Research Centre on Animal Production of Reggio Emilia, we’re developing a private discipline. We called it OltreBio.

The sun and the air

From Pianura Padana, with its immense skies, nestled between the Alps and the Apennines.

The solar power systems and biogas plants generate more power than we consume.

All the stables are equipped with modern cooling systems.


The water

Only that which our land receives from the sky. And that which we save through common sense and technology.

We’ve made the conscious decision not to irrigate our fields, thus resulting in considerable water savings for the ecosystem.We simply work our land in such a way that it’s able to absorb and retain as much rainwater as possible.

From whey processing we get 30% of concentrated product which we sell ready to be powdered to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, and to manufacturers of early childhood nutrients and dietary supplements.The remaining part (permeate / water) is used to clean our dairy equipment.

In the wintertime, the cows drinking water is heated by the biogas plant.

We collect rainwater to clean the courtyard areas and to water the company’s green areas.

Livestock comfort

Not only do we want our cows to be healthy. We want them to be comfortable.

Our cows have a lot of room to move about, both in the stables  and outdoors. No animal lives under lock and key, and they’re all free to go outdoors or enter the stables as they desire.

They sleep on bedding made of straw, they can brush themselves whenever they choose (and they really enjoy doing it), and can cool off under special showers during the summertime.

They’re born on our farms and live in clean and well-ventilated areas that are comfortable in the wintertime and cool in the summertime.

The land

In order to provide the necessary nourishment to our cows, the land requires a great deal of attention, and it’s our most valuable asset.

We only cultivate local fodder, on lands that are all located within the Parmigiano Reggiano area of origin. It’s grown with the sun and the rain, with no artificial irrigation, and without the use of any chemicals. We’ve made the conscious decision not to irrigate, and this results in considerable water savings for ourselves and – above all – for the planet.

We work the land for a long time in order to oxygenate it and render it soft, as this helps the rainwater to be absorbed more readily. The result is a much more nutritious and fragrant hay.

We fertilise the fields with our cows’ natural fertiliser


It’s true that nothing is created and nothing is destroyed: everything is simply transformed. However, it must do so in a manner that’s beneficial to both the environment and the economy. We accomplish this with biodigesters, solar power systems, and rainwater recovery.
Our biogas plants allow us to reduce our co2 emissions by over 60%

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