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The livestock

Good milk requires happy cows.

Our cows are happy because they eat healthily and because they have a lot of room to move about, both outdoors and in the stables. They’re happy because the areas dedicated to them are clean and well-ventilated, they’re comfortable in the wintertime and cool in the summertime; because they can enter and exit the stables as they please, and because they sleep on bedding made of straw; because they can brush themselves whenever they choose, and can cool off under special showers during the summertime.

Since they’re comfortable, our cows are happy – you can tell by just looking at them – and their milk tastes better. It’s a lesson that’s been handed down to us for generations, and we respect it.

No animal lives under lock and key: they’re all free to go outdoors or enter the stables as the desire.

Our cows are born on our farms, which is an important prerequisite for having a short and controlled supply chain.

Our cows eat the fodder from our organic supply chain.