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The land

We only ask of nature what it can give us.

We work the land that produces the local fodder we use to feed our cows: its the fodder that nature itself has chosen for our lands, which are all located within the Parmigiano Reggiano area of origin. It’s grown with the sun and the rain, with no artificial irrigation. This renders it more substantial and nutritious – and you can tell by its fragrance! We fertilise it with the manure from our stables.
Because our animals eat that fodder, and therefore so do we – through our milk and our cheese. It’s always the land that feeds us.

We’ve made the conscious decision not to irrigate, and this results in considerable water savings for ourselves and – above all – for the planet.

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We work the land for a long time in order to oxygenate it and render it soft: this helps the rainwater to be absorbed more readily and assimilated by the roots.